Monday, September 21, 2009

A glimpse: blood donation camp at Mumbai: organised by TCI Telenet Solutions:

Information and photographs contributed by A.K.Mishra, Astt. Manager HR & Admin, TCI Telenet Solutions Pvt Ltd.

We are pleased to inform you that “Sri. P.D.Agarwal Blood Drive – 2009” was successfully organized on 17.09.2009 at Transport House Mumbai in collaboration with TCI Ltd. 112 Donors have donated the Blood. Please find the attached file which gives a glimpse of blood donation camp for your records.

Pls. Note that total no. of Donors participated 120 but 8 have been rejected on medical ground.


Data based on information received till 2.04 PM on 21.9.09,

TOTAL COLLECTION ( excluding no. of blood unit collected at Transcorp International and camp at Tinsukia organised by ABC India Ltd): 832

Collection in the camps organised by different partners:
TCI Ltd.------------------------------------------478
(Including 112 unit collected in Mumbai camp jointly organised with TCI Telenet Solutions Pvt Ltd)
ABC India Ltd.-----------------------------------125
Bhoruka Power Corporation Ltd.---------------91
Bhoruka Aluminium Ltd-------------------------60

Camp wise collection of blood unit: P.D. Agarwal Blood Drive: 2009:

Based on information received till 1.21 PM on 21.9.09:

Highest collection has reported by Mumbai Regional Office of TCI Ltd, organised jointly with TCI Telenet Solutions Private Ltd. In all the camps, employees of other partners has also joined and donated blood.

Collection per camp (based on no of collection):

Mumbai Regional Office, TCI Ltd & TCI Telenet ---------------112

Bangalore, Bhoruka Power Corporation Ltd: ------91

Delhi, GATI: ------------------------------------------78

Mumbai-Panvel, TCI Ltd: ----------------------------70

Mysore, Bhoruka Aluminium Ltd: -------------------60

Corporate Office, TCI Ltd: --------------------------55

Rewari, TCI Ltd: --------------------------------------47

Chennai, TCI Ltd:-------------------------------------45

Guwahati, ABC India Ltd: ----------------------------45

Pune, TCI Ltd: ---------------------------------------45

Delhi, ABC India Ltd: --------------------------------40

Biddadi, TCI Ltd: ------------------------------------33

Nelmangla, TCI Ltd: ---------------------------------26

Bangalore Regional Office, TCI Ltd: --------------25

Kolkata, CMD, ABC India Ltd: ----------------------22

Kolkata Regional Office, TCI Ltd: ------------------20

Kolkata, VRMD, ABC India Ltd: --------------------18

Location of Blood Donation Camp: organised by different partners:

Based on information received till 3.02 PM on 21.9.09:

TCI Ltd: 10

1. Corporate Office, 2. Gurgaon; 3. Rewari; 4. Mumbai Regional office (jointly with TCI Telenet Solutions Pvt Ltd); 5. Mumbai-Panvel; Pune; 6. Bangalore Regional office; 7. Nelmangla; 8. Biddadi; 9. Chennai and 10. Kolkata.

ABC India Ltd.: 4

1. CMD, Kolkata; 2. VRMD, Kolkata; 3. Guwahati and 4. Delhi.



Bhoruka Aluminium Ltd:1


Bhoruka Power Corporation Ltd:1


TCI Telenet Solutions Private Ltd: 1

Mumbai (Jointly with TCI Ltd)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

A glimpse: Blood donation camp at Bangalore: conducted by TCI Ltd.: 2009

Photographs contributed by ALOK RANJAN SINGH, Team Leader-HR, Transystem Logistics Int. ltd, Toyota Techno Park, Bidadi, Bangalore: