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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Voluntary Blood Donors at GATI head office, 17th September 2008: We are grateful to you.

1 Mahendra Agarwal M.D
2 Jaypal Ashok rao Comp Sec
3 A.S.Sandhu Comp Sec
4 V.K Sharma Networking
5 Anil Atri CSMO
6 Tapash Nagray Services
7 Rajesh kumar Modi Comp Sec
8 Sampath Kumar Sales
9 Chandra shekar Sales
10 Prashanth H.G fmg-
11 Anthony Sales
12 Dinesh Goud legal
13 N.V.V.S gupta Infrastructure
14 Shyam Sunder Infrastructure
15 Anantha Kumar BAC
16 M.Subramanyam BAC
17 M.C.Dixit BAC
18 Rajesh Agarwal BAC
19 Mervyn Gonsalves Head-Air express AI Gati
20 S.Sridhar ATC
21 V.Rambabu BAC
22 Satish Kumar.C BAC
23 Ajay Kumar Singh BAC
24 R.Chandra shekar IT
25 Lalith kumar Jha.M IT
26 E.V.N Prasad IT
27 M.Ramalingam IT
28 A.Manoj Kumar IT
29 Vani Pala Risk mgmt
30 Satish Chandra TCI finance
31 B.Samson Networking
32 D.Balasubramanya swamy Networking
33 P.Ganesh Risk mgmt
34 P.C.Prasanna Networking
35 K.Ganesh Kumar HR
36 H.Govardhana Sudheer HR
37 Ch.Sridhar services
38 A.Lakanadam fmg-vendor
39 S.K.Rakesh Services
40 V.V.Santosh Kumar HYDN
41 P.Raj kumar Networking
42 Ambrish Gati web
43 Narayan Prasad Gati web
44 P.Srirama Murthy legal
45 T.Venkata sunil HYDN
46 Dilbahadur pun HYDN
47 Avijit chatterjee HYDN
48 Hindol sahoo HYDN
49 G.Laxmi C.Service
50 sonica dixit C.service
51 Sandeep chauhan HYDN
52 Praven kumar HYDN
53 Ravikanth.G HYDN
54 P.S.Mohendra HYDN
55 P.Srinivas Rao HYDN

Event Report: 17th June 2008, Hyderabad: GATI Head office

Gati Blood Donation Camp was organised at H.O on Sep 17th ,2008 from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM.All Gati'ites displayed great enthusiasm and came department wise.All the donors were served good refreshments and we ensured they were fit and fine before leaving the venue.The Red Cross society ensured utmost care,safety and hygiene.

The events had huge media coverage and covered by the following media:
: 1.TV5 (clipping yet to come)
2.Channel C (clipping yet to come)
8.Hindi Milap

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blood Donation Camp at TCI Office, P-4 New CIT Road, Kolkata


Mr. Oziullah Khan, Senior System Superviser of ABC India Ltd, Bangur office is a special one owing to the following reason:

1. It's his birthday.

2. He is on fasting, obeserving Ramadan.

3. He donated blood.

Update: Voluntary blood donation camp: 17th September 2008, 5 PM

GATI Hyderabad: 60 Unit ( as communicated verbally)
Guwahati: 30 units
TCI, P-4 New CIT Road: 12 unit
ABC Bangoor: 16, still continuing
GATI Kolkata office: 9 unit

Feed back Format: P. D. Agarwal Initiative to Promote Voluntary Blood Donation In India

Every partner has been requested to provide us feedback as per format below:

1. Name of the Partners:

2. Activity performed on 17th September:
Organising Awareness Programme: Yes/No
Organising Voluntary Blood Donation Camp: Yes/No
Donating equipments to blood bank: Yes/No
3. Awareness programme (If yes):
Place of the programme:
Topic of the discussion:
Name of the speaker:
No of participants:
4. Voluntary blood donation camp (if yes):
Place of the camp:
No of donor:
No of donor rejected:
Name of the blood bank:
Inaugurated by:
5. Equipment donation (if yes):
Name of the equipmet:
Donated to:

Update 17th September 2008 12.30 PM:

In Jaipur, already 70 people have donated blood. Dr. Ashok Agarwal and Mrs. Manisha Agarwal have also donated blood. Number of female donor has been rejected due to low Haemoglobin level.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update I: Events on 17th

GATI, Kolkata office has confirmed that they will conduct voluntary blood donation camp on 17th at 2 PM at Taratala office.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Events on 17th September 2008

Voluntary Blood Donation Camp:
1. Hyderabad: Organised by Gati in partnership with Red Cross Blood Bank.
2. Mysore: Organised by Bhoruka Aluminium in partnership with local government blodd bank. 3. Guwahati: Organised by Gati, ABC India Ltd and Bhoruka Public Welfare Trust in
collaboration with Guwahati Medical College Blood Bank. Nearly 50 donor has
confirmed. Cultural programme will also be organised.
4. Ichchapuram: Organised by Jyan Bharati School and Bhoruka Public Welfare Trust.
Nearly 20 donor has confirmed. They may go to Srikakulam and donate
blood at Government Blood Bank at Srikakulam district. We would like to
request local offices of TCI, ABC and other partners to join in the initiative.
5. Delhi: Blood donation camp will be held at TCI Corporate Office at Gurgaon. Gati and
Transcorp employees will participate there.
6. Jaipur: Organised by IIHMR and Transcorp.
7. Kolkata:
1. ABC Bangoor office: At 4 PM.
2. TCI office: at P-4, New CIT Road.
3. At Bhoruka Blood Bank at 63 Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Kolkata 16: Round the

As Central and State Drug Control Department along with NACO and SACS official will visit Bhoruka Blood Bank on 17th from 1 PM to 4 PM, it has been requested to the donor to avoid that time period.
Partnes are requested to provide further information on the events.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gudieline for conducting voluntary blood donation camps

1. Share objectives of the initiative with State AIDS Control Society (SACS) or NACO. Also highlighted the fact that seven corporate bodies has already been agreed to participates in this initiative to promote voluntary blood donation across the country.
2. Press release about the inititives before the organisation of camp. Outcome of the initiative across the country will be shared with partner organisation within a week. Compiled report may also be sent to media houses for publication.
3. Email to the employees on the inititive and importance of voluntary blood donation.
4. Inauguration by local influential persons (Minister/ MP etc.) or Managing Director/ Chairman or any other higher officials of the organisation.
4. Speaker should share the following:
- Abour Late P. D. Agarwal- his life and achievement.
- As his role in transport sector is well known, speaker should focus on unseen side of
Late P. D. Agarwal- his social initiatives. Two of such initiative may be highlighted- a)
his role in blood safety and intiating services for treatment of Haematological disorders
e.g. Thallasaemia, Haemophilia etc. and b) provision of safe drinking water in parts of
5. Either someone related toFounder of Bhoruka Blood Bank or had worked with him, may share their personal experiences of working with Late P. D. Agarwal.
6. Inform the participants that this initiative will be observed every year on 17th September and request for participation of the employees in the next year.

Late P. D. Agarwal: A Profile

Late P. D. Agarwal
(1.1.1920 - 17.9.1982)
Founder of Bhoruka Blood Bank
Sri P. D. Agarwal, founder of TCI-ABC- Bhoruka-Gati group has catalyzed changes in various sectors that have a positive impact on the country as well as the society. For example, he ensured transformation of unorganized transport sector into organized one by formation of Transport Corporation of India in 1958.

Same can be true in cases of blood banking and treatment of Blood Related disorder in Eastern India. Scarcity of blood, either quantity and quality and treatment of blood disorders was one of the need of that timing, lots of children who were either Thallaesaemic or Haemophilic are suffering, their parents could not be able to do anything but to bear the pain of their children. When he envisioned the effect of blood crisis, he has established Bhoruka Research Centre for Haematology and Blood Transfusion, popularly known as Bhoruka Blood Bank in 1982 with the aim to ensure availability and accessibility of safe and quality blood for general population. This initiative has changed the lives of number of children suffering from Thallasaemia and Haemophilia. One of the objectives of Bhoruka Blood Bank is to combat blood crisis by promotion of voluntary blood donation so that no one can suffer due to paucity of blood.

Request to the contact persons:

Contact persons of partners of P. D. Agarwal initiative has been requested to inform other partners of the same city/town about their initiatives. For example, Bhoruka Aluminium is organising blood donation camp at Mysore in partnership with Government Blood Bank or Gati is doing the same at Hyderbad in partnership with Red Cross blood bank. Contact persons may communcate with other partners of the city so that others can also donate blood in the same camp.
Bhoruka Public Welfare Trust is organising blood donation camp at Guwahati and may also be at Ichchapuram. Partners who have offices in these palces may contact Ratul for Guwahati (09864216627) and Ramesh (06802244135) for Ichchapuram.

Contact Persons from Partner Organisation:

1. Bhoruka Aluminium Ltd.
Mob: 09980144147
2. Transport Corporation of India (TCI):
Mr. S.K. Agarwal Cell.9350540021
3. TCI Telenet Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Mr. Anil Mishra
Human Resources ( Corporate)
Mumbai- 400 021.Tel: +91-22-22023734/764
Mobile: 9920306680
4. Transcorp International:
Mr. Hem Bhargava, Email:
5. GATI:
Mahaveer: M- 98495 90885, Email-

Contct Person:

Bhoruka Public Welfare Trust:

Mr. Awadhesh Kumar Gupta;Manager- Accounts, Mobile- 09830701966

For Information on Voluntary Blood Donation:
Dr. Avijit De,; Incharge- Bhoruka Blood Bank, Mobile- 09836708777


1. Transport Corporation of India (TCI): Moving Together, Growing Together
2. Gati: Ahead in reach
3. Bhoruka Gases Ltd.
4. Bhoruka Aluminium Ltd: Profiling the future in Aluminium.
5. Transcorp International Ltd: Redifining expectation.......
6. TCI Telenet Solutions Private Ltd.
7. ABC India Ltd: Moving Made Simple

Information on Voluntary Blood Donation

Q. When a patient requires transfusion of blood or blood products ?

Ans. – Many diseases may cause anemia or fall in haemoglobin level or there may be fall of any component level in blood of the patient. In Road traffic accident there may be massive haemorrhage. During surgery there is huge blood loss in some cases. In all these cases Doctors advise to transfuse blood or blood components as an emergency life saving device.

Q. Who is a voluntary blood donor ?

Ans.- A person whose age is in between 18 – 60 years and body weight at least 45 Kg and who is fit both mentally and physically and who has mot suffered from any major illness in last one year, may be a Voluntary blood donor.

Q. How many times a voluntary blood donor can donate blood and at what interval ?

Ans. – A blood donor can donate blood at an interval of 3 months. Hence, he/she can donate blood 4 times in a year and considering age group 18 – 60 years he/she can donate blood 168 times in lifetime.

Q. What are the responsibilities of a voluntary blood donor ?

Ans. – A blood donor is to give right information about his/her health condition to Doctor and health workers so that they can assess him/her well.

Q. Can a blood donor donate blood of he/she think so ?

Ans.- No, it is absolutely not so. A blood donor has to undergo a medical screening procedure. If Doctor permits him/her to donate blood then only he/she can donate, otherwise not. A person can not donate blood without undergoing medical examination.

Q. Is it necessary to donate in empty stomach ?

Ans. – No, absolutely no. A light meal is necessary before or after donation. If someone donates blood in empty stomach he/she may feel dizziness or reeling of head. Again, if someone donates after taking a heavy meal, there are chances of nausea, vomiting of donor as well as quality of donated blood is not of good standard (lipaemic plasma). On conclusion, it is necessary to take light meal before or after donation.

Q. - How much blood is there in our body ? If we donate blood, is there any damage to our body ?

Ans. – A normal healthy fully grown male carries 76 c.c. of blood /kg body weight and in case of female it is 66 c.c. of blood /kg body weight. All Physiological activities in our body require 50 c.c. of blood/kg body weight, the rest of blood is surplus to our body. We take out 6 -8 c.c. of blood/kg body weight during blood donation which is only a portion of surplus blood in our body. For example as it happens when someone donates his/her surplus money to other person. There is no damage to our body after blood donation.

Q. - How much blood we donate ?

Ans. – We donate 8 c.c./kg body weight which is only a part of surplus blood of our blood.

Q. – What is the law about the amount / volume of blood donation from a donor ?

Ans. – If we multiply 45 Kg, which is the minimum body weight of a donor with 8 c.c. of blood / kg body weight which is the amount of blood to be donated then it comes to 350 c.c. of blood which a donor can donate in our country. 49 c.c. is the volume of anticoagulant, collectively it comes to around 400 c.c. and along with weight of blood bag total weight becomes 450 gram approximately.

Q. – Is it necessary to take rest after blood donation or to take huge amount of food ?

Ans. – There is no need to take rest after blood donation, only hard physical labour or driving to be avoided within 24 hours of blood donation. It is better to take light meal before and after donation, after then one can take his/her normal meals.

Q. - What are the difficulties which may arise after blood donation ?

Ans. – Some donors become sick after blood donation especially during summer times. The donor finds darkness in his/her eyes, feels restless , pulse become feeble – in medical term we call it Vaso – Vagal attack. In this situation, the donor is to lie down in bed with the foot end raised. Crowd to be dispersed and the Medical Officer present there to be called on.
Sometimes the vein which is pricked may develop swelling and pain which is called Thrombophlebitis. In such cases one special ointment to be applied there which is to continue for 7 – 10 days and 2 – 3 times in a day. Initially rubbing of ice over that place causes comfort.

Q. - What are the different components of blood ?

Ans. -

Blood Cells Plasma
45% 55%
(It contains 92% water)

Red Blood White Blood Platelets
Corpuscles Corpuscles

Q. - How many days blood can be stored in blood bank?

Ans. - Whole blood and packed cell can be stored upto 35 days in blood bank. Packed or concentrated RBC can be stored upto 42 days if it is collected in SAGM bags. Platelets are stored upto 5 days. Plasma can be stored upto 1 year.

Q. - What are the advantages a donor gets after blood donation from blood bank?

Ans. - One donor has to undergo heath check up before blood donation. If he/she has any health problem can be detected during that check up especially donor’s blood pressure is checked before donation. Donor gets one credit card which is valid for 1 year. If donor wants blood for self then he/she can get it free of cost. For non donor recipient it is given at a subsidized prefixed price. This is applicable for whole blood, packed cell and plasma only and subjected to availability of the particular blood group and that particular component. Donor also gets one metal badge or certificate of honour. Blood test report and blood group report is given to donor within 35 days of donation from blood bank.

Q. - Is there any chance of infection during blood donation?

Ans. - No. we use blood bag system during blood donation which can be used once only. Hence, there is no chance of infection.

Q. - What are the tests done with the donated blood?

Ans. - The following tests are done with the donated blood unit:

(1) HIV (I & II) by ELISA method
(2) HBsAg by ELISA method
(3) HCV by ELISA method
(4) VDRL by RPR method
(5) Malaria Parasite by slide method

Blood haemoglobin of the donor is also checked before donation.
Blood Grouping and Cross Matching with the recipient blood sample.

Q. - Is there any blood sugar check up done with the donated blood?

Ans. - No.

Q. - What are the responsibilities of a donor after blood donation?

Ans. - Blood donor is to collect donor credit card, blood group report and blood test report as well as the metal badge or the certificate. He is to be aware of rules and regulation to collect blood from blood bank. Donor is also to donate blood at regular intervals and feel the greatness of blood donation.

Q. - How much time our body takes to generate the blood which is donated out?

Ans. - 21 days.

Contacting blood safety perssonnel of State AIDS Control Society

Partner organisations have to contact blood safety perssonnel of State AIDS Control Socity and share about objective of P. D. Agarwal Initiative. Partner organisation based in Delhi need to contact blood safety perssonnel of National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO).

NACO/ SACS of the respective states may be contacted in the following address:


National AIDS Control Organisation
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Government of India
9th Floor, Chandralok Building
36, Janpath, New Delhi-110001
Tel: 011-23325343, 011-23731774, 011-23731778
Fax: 011-23731746, E-Mail

Blood safety personnel of NACO:

Dr. Mohammed Shaukat, Joint Director (BS); Ph- 23731805; Ext- 918, Email: bloodsafetynaco
Dr. Debashish Gupta, Programme Officer (Blood Safety), Ph- 43509604, Ext- 604
Ms. Rohini Ramaurti, Programme Officer (Blood Safety), Ph-43509906, Ext- 906
Contacting State AIDS Control Society:
Blood Safety Personnel of SACS are responsible for blood bank activities on behalf of state health department. They will also guide to organize voluntary blood donation camps.

Andaman & Nicobar AIDS Control Society:
G.B. Pant Hospital Complex, Port Blair, Ph: 03192 23655, 237941, Email:
Andhra Pradesh
State AIDS Control Society, Directorate of Medical & Health Services, Sultan Bazar,
Hyderabad-500059, Ph: 040 24657221/24650776; Email:
Arunachal Pradesh
State AIDS Control Society, Naharlagun, New Itanagar -791110; Ph- 0360 2351268, 2245942; Email:
Assam State AIDS Control Society:

Office of the Project Director, Khanapara, Guwahati – 781022,Ph- 0361 2366388, 2360524; Email:
Ahmedabad Municipal Corpn.
AIDS Control Society, Old Municipal Dispensary, behind Lal Bungalow, C.G.Road, Ahmedabad.
Ph- 079 26564281, 26564314; Email-
Bihar State AIDS Control Society:
Health Department, New Secretariat, Patna - 800015. Ph- 0612 2290278, 2292495; Email-

Chennai Municipal Corpn.
AIDS Control Society, 82 Thiru Vi-Ka-Salai, Mylapore, Chennai - 600004, Ph/Fax: 044 24980081, 24986514, 25369444. Email-
Chandigarh State AIDS Control Society,
SCO No. 14-15, 1st Floor, Sector- 8C, Chandigarh -160018; Ph/Fax: 0172 2544563, 2544589,
Chhattisgarh AIDS Control Society:

Directorate of Health Services, State health Training Centre, Near Kalibari Chowk, Raipur. Ph-
0771 2235240, email:

Dadra & Nagar Haveli

AIDS Control Society Campus, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Silvassa, Medical & Public Health
Department, Chief Medical Officer Office, Shri Vinoba Bhave Civil Hospital, Ph- 0260 2642061,
Daman & Diu AIDS Control Society:

11 y,Primary Health Centre, Moti Daman, Daman – 396220; Ph- 0260 2230570, Email:
Delhi AIDS Niyantran Samiti:
Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital, Dharmshala Block, Sector-6, Rohini, Delhi - 110 085; Ph-
011 27055660,Email-
Goa State AIDS control Society:

First Floor, Dayanand Smriti Building, Swamy Vivekanand Road, Panaji -403001; Ph- 0832 2422907, Email:

Gujarat State AIDS Control Society:

0/1 Block, New Mental Hospital, Complex, Menghani Nagar, Ahmedabad -380016. Ph- 079 22681043, Email:

Haryana State AIDS Control Society:
SCO - 10, Sector - 10, Panchkula, Haryana. Ph- 0172 2585413, Email-
Himachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society:
City Cottage ,Bye Pass Road, Near CID office, Kasumpti , Shimla - 171009. Ph- 0177 2621608,

Jammu & Kashmir State AIDS Prevention and Control Society:

17 1st Floor, Khyber Hotel, Khayam Chowk, Srinagar. Ph- 0194 2475228, Email-
Karnataka State AIDS Control Society:

18 No.4/13-1, Crescent Road, High Grounds, Bangalore -560001. Ph- 080 22201438, 22201436

Jharkhand State AIDS Control Society:

Sadar Hospital Campus, Purulia Road, Ranchi. Ph- 0651 2309556,

Kerala State AIDS Control Society:

20 JPP Building, Red Cross Road, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 695035 Ph- 0471 2304704

Lakshadweep AIDS Control Society:

Directorate of Medical and Health Services, UT of Lakshadweep, Kavaratti - 682555. Ph-
04896 262316, Email-
Madhya Pradesh State AIDS Control :

1, Arera Hills, Second Floor, Oilfed Building, Bhopal - 462011; ph- 0755 2559629, Email-
Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society:

23 Ackworth Leprosy Hospital Campus, Behind SIWS Collete, R.A. Kidwai Marg, Wadala(West),
Mumbai - 400031. Ph- 9522 24113035, Email-
Manipur State AIDS Control Society:

24 Medical Directorate, R & D Wing, Lamphelpat, Imphal- 759004. Ph- 0385 2414796, Email:
Meghalaya State AIDS Control Society:

Ideal Lodge, Oakland, Shillong -793001. ph- 0364 2223140, 2315452, Email:
Mizoram State AIDS Control Society:

26 MV-124, Mission Veng South, Aizwal -796005. Ph- 0389 2321566,
Mumbai Districts AIDS Control Society:
Acworth Complex, R. A. Kidwai Marg, Wadala (West), Mumbai – 400 031. Ph- 9522 24100246,
Nagaland State AIDS Control Society:

28 Medical Directorate, Kohima - 797001. Ph- 0370 2244218, Email:
Orissa State AIDS Control Society:

2nd Floor, Oil Orissa Building, F-Nayapalli, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa - 751012. Ph- 0674 2395134,
Pondicherry State AIDS Control Society:
No. 93, Perumal Kail Street, Pondicherry. Ph- 0413 2343596, Email-
Punjab State AIDS Control Society:

SCO No. 481-482, Sector 35-C, Chandigarh. Ph- 0172 2669324, Email-
Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society:

Directorate of Medical and Health Services, Swasthya Bhawan, Tilak Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur -
302005. Ph- 0141 2222452, Email-
Sikkim State AIDS Control Society:
STNM Hospital, Gangtok, 737101, Ph- 03592 225343, Email-
Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society:
34 Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai - 600008. Ph- 044 28190261, Email-
Tripura State AIDS Control Society:
Health Directorate Building, Gurkhabasti, P.O. Kunjaban, Agartala, West Tripura - 799006.
Ph- 0381 2321614 , email-
Uttar Pradesh State AIDS Control Society:
A block, PICUP Bhawan, Vibhuti Khand, Gomati Nagar, Lucknow - 10, Ph- 0522 2720360,
Uttaranchal State AIDS Control Society:
Chandar Nagar, Dehradun. Ph- 0135 2728144, Email-
West Bengal State AIDS Control Society:
Swasthya Bhavan, GN - 29, Sector - V, Salt Lake, Kolkatta - 700091. Ph- 033 23574400,